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Welcome to GlobeSpree, a progressive web app that showcases amazing travel destinations from around the world!

Here, we celebrate the beauty and wonder of the amazing planet we call our home.

Discover the hidden gems and little-known locations all around the world that are just as mesmerizing as they are intriguing.

Look around! For we have everything from a gravity defying dam, to a burning gas crater that looks like it came straight out of a fantasy story.

You’ll find an island filled with rabbits, goats that climb trees, and many, many more wonders of the world.

Think you’ve seen it all and done it all? Well, think again!

With GlobeSpree, you may just discover new items to add to your bucket list with a simple tap of your finger.

But don’t blame us if you get bitten by the wanderlust bug!

For we too can’t help but be awed by these amazing destinations.

Some are so popular people flock from all over the world to visit them. Others, so obscure even the locals staying nearby may not know of their existence.

In fact, our beloved planet Earth contains so many mysteries and wonders that you can travel the whole world many times over and still not be able to see them all.

That’s why we’ve decided to curate the most amazing, mysterious, and intriguing destinations to show them off in this website, so you can easily discover them and admire their beauty.

And it’s really easy! Simply tap or click images or the ‘NEXT’ buttons to discover a new travel destination.

If a specific destination catches your fancy, simply tap on ‘Find Out More’ to search for more information about it.

Going forward, we’ll also be adding more travel details including information on flights, accommodation, things to look out for, and additional things you can do around the area for each destination.

In time to come, we may even include detailed itineraries for the destinations so you can just pack your bags, follow the guide, an GO!

So don’t forget to visit GlobeSpree often as we’ll be adding new destinations regularly.

Now with all that said, it’s time to wish you a very pleasant journey as you discover the wonders of our world.

So tap away, and bon voyage!



Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Travel Destinations To Get You Started